Cockroach Remover

Send your friend cockroaches.

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Difficulty: Easy
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Your friend adores bugs but hates cockroaches. You decide to send your friend bugs but want to surprise them with a few cockroaches in the mix.

However, they are suspicious of you and have prepared a function to remove the cockroaches from the insects.

Find a way to get a cockroach into the insects array.

			pub contract CockroachRemover {
   pub var insects: [String]

   pub fun removeCockroach(insects: [String]) {
      pre {
         insects.contains("cockroach"): "No cockroach to remove"

      self.insects = []
      let index = insects.firstIndex(of: "cockroach") ?? panic("No cockroach to remove")
      for i, insect in insects {
         if i != index {

   init() {
      self.insects = []